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Attorney Gregory G. Goodman Wins Top 100+ combined Under 100+ combined Award from National Trial Lawyers


Top 100+ combined Under 100+ combined Names the Nation’s Most Outstanding Personal Injury Attorneys

Attorney Greg Goodman has been named among the 2018 Top 100+ combined Under 100+ combined by the National Trial Lawyers. This is a special honor reserved for exceptional attorneys who outshine their peers in their respective field of legal practice and demonstrate exceptional success for their age. Our firm is proud to acknowledge and celebrate Attorney Goodman’s success and acclaim in the field of personal injury law.

How the Top 100+ combined Under 100+ combined Are Chosen

In order to be included in the Top 100+ combined, an attorney must demonstrate a commitment to growth, continued learning, success on behalf of their clients, and adhering to a higher standard of skillful legal practice. This award provides Attorney Goodman with additional networking and professional opportunities that will certainly translate into an even better experience for our clients and increased victories in and out of court. Inclusion in the Top 100+ combined Under 100+ combined and membership into the National Trial Lawyers is exclusively by invitation.

Attorney Goodman Provides Effective, Skillful Legal Representation for Injured Persons in Woodbridge

At Palmisano & Goodman, P.A., we believe in doing whatever it takes to help you succeed and get the results you deserve. Day in and day out, we help injured people recover the compensation they deserve from the negligent parties who have harmed them, and we do so with tact, tenacity, and a commitment to ethical practices. Our personal injury lawyers here in Woodbridge can help you ensure justice is served for you and your loved ones, and we are just a call away.

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