How Can I Accident-Proof My Home?

June is National Safety Month. As summer approaches, you may have friends and family visit your property. It is important to accident-proof your home to ensure they are safe and sound. Our firm is here to provide you with tips for accident-proofing your home.

In Order to Accident-Proof Your Home, You Need to Focus On:

1. Clutter

Cluttered walkways around your property, as well as cluttered floors and stairways, can put your guests at risk for tripping and falling. It is important to put away toys, shoes, trash, and other items, and to create clear paths for your guests to walk. Electrical cords should be pushed as far back to the wall as possible, and you need to ensure there are no hazardous conditions that could trip your guests. Repairing torn or loose carpeting, installing handrails on stairways, filling in holes around your property, and clearing away bushes and shrubbery around the walkways can help keep visitors safe.

2. Lighting

Inadequate lighting puts your guests at risk for injuries, since they won’t be able to see where they are going. You may need to install new lights or replace existing ones with LEDs or other high-efficiency lights. Installing motion sensor lights and security flood lights can also help your guests avoid tripping and falling around your property, as well as deter criminal activity.

3. Signage

If there are dangerous conditions on your property that may not be apparent to visitors, it is important to put up warning signs. For example, if there are uneven steps around your house, you need to put a clearly visible warning sign to let your guests know to watch their step. This can help prevent injuries from tripping and falling on your property.

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