Recent Settlements Secured by Our Woodbridge Personal Injury Lawyers

Clients are always the focus of our attention here at Palmisano & Goodman, P.A. We believe that this not only makes dealing with an ongoing personal injury claim easier for our clients, but it also increases our chances of securing a victory or settlement on their behalf. Only through personalized attention and legal work can a claim or case be brought to its full potential. Our history of successful case results can be interpreted as a direct result of our methods, skill, and compassionate approach to legal work.

Here is a list of some of our recent settlement successes:

  • $9,600 reimbursement (January 17, 2017): Attorney Robert Goodman successfully secured a $1 million award for a man and his wife who were both seriously injured in a car accident, but this would not mark the end of their legal troubles. The client had to undergo multiple surgeries and procedures to alleviate damage to his spine. As an air conditioner service technician, these injuries proved to make returning to regular work duties incredibly difficult. He missed close to $15,000 in wages but was not being offered appropriate compensation. Our law firm was able to stand up for his rights yet again and secure another $9,600, reimbursed from disability payments.
  • $750,000 settlement (January 3, 2017): A retired Sheriff’s officer suffered severe neck and spinal cord injury in a violent motor vehicle accident. Among his injuries, he was diagnosed with a herniated disc that needed a spinal fusion to correct. Attorney Brian Goodman managed to secure $750,000 for our client after a hard-fought case.
  • $210,000 recovery (December 1, 2017): A young man, not even 30-years old yet, suffered two herniated discs in a car accident that was caused by a negligent third party. He required physical therapy to overcome the pain. Despite his injuries, our client’s willpower and drive allowed him to return to work after just one week. Attorney Gregory Goodman was able to secure $210,000 through a fair settlement.
  • $190,000 settlement (February 10, 2017): While using an air station at a gas station to fill the tires of his wife’s vehicle, a 58-year old man slipped and fell on ice that had coated the pavement. The neck of his femur – near the top portion of the bone and the joint – was fractured. He needed surgery to address the injury and thankfully made a swift recover. Attorney Robert Goodman negotiated a settlement with the opposing counsel in the case and was able to get $190,000 in a settlement for our client.
  • $150,000 settlement (December 2016): Our client was struck by a negligent motorist who strayed out of their lane, across double-yellow lane markers, and crashed into another vehicle head-on. The car that was struck head-on was slammed backwards, striking our client’s own vehicle. Our client needed surgery and a week’s worth of recovery time off work to correct a shoulder injury suffered as a result of the accident. Attorney Gregory Goodman is proud to be have been able to secure a $150,000 settlement.

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