Fatal New Jersey crash prompts action from senators

A recent accident involving a truck and a limousine in New Jersey was investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board, and they released their findings on June 23. The report zeroed in on driver fatigue and the role it has in terms of truck accidents.

The NTSB said their investigation into the June accident revealed that the truck driver was approaching the maximum number of hours a truck driver is allowed to be behind the wheel by federal law. Had the accident not happened, the driver would have exceeded that number when he reached his final destination. Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey said that while he recognized that industry relies on the timely delivery of products to the marketplace, he underscored that this should not affect safety. He also stated that truckers are often pushed to exceed their limits in order for them to make a living and keep their job.

U.S. Senator Menendez noted that there were four crashes in New Jersey that involved trucks in the same week. He maintained that corporate profits were compromising public safety and called for stronger federal regulations to curtail truck driver fatigue. Recently, Senator Booker filed an amendment on June 18 that would not allow the total number of hours a trucker may drive to be increased each week. He stated that ensuring that drivers get adequate rest is necessary for public safety.

Driver fatigue is a major cause of truck accidents. Because of their size, many trucking accidents are fatal or cause significant injury. In some cases, when a motorist is hurt in a truck accident, they may require long hospitalization and extensive rehabilitation. After evaluating the cause and degree of negligence, an attorney may help an individual file a personal injury lawsuit to recover lost wages and help pay medical expenses.