Surgical errors may cause serious complications

People in New Jersey go to doctors for help. However, one study shows that surgical mistakes made by physicians can end up causing even further complications for patients.

Researchers at John Hopkins University School of Medicine conducted a study and found that surgical instruments are left inside patients about 39 times per week. In addition, between 1990 and 2010, close to 5,000 medical malpractice payments were linked to cases in which surgical instruments had been left inside patients.

One man knows firsthand the kind of complications that can arise when surgical instruments aren't all accounted for. The 21-year-old man was shot in 2006. He had surgery to repair his kidney after the shooting. Three years later he had to endure a second surgery because a surgical sponge had been left inside him during the initial procedure.

“They are supposed to count every this and every that,” the young man said. “Obviously someone didn't do the job.”

About 2,000 patients in the United States are affected by this kind of surgical error. While some say the problem can be fixed through new technology, others believe that hospitals must also examine their practices and change the culture that currently exists in most hospitals.

Any kind of medical error can leave people with serious injuries. Certain medical mistakes may even lead to death. Medical professionals must work diligently to prevent errors. However, when mistakes occur, victims and their family members may pursue compensation with the help of our Woodbridge medical malpractice attorneys. A successful lawsuit may alleviate financial burdens. It may also serve as a warning to others that medical negligence will not be tolerated.