Japanese man switched at birth awarded $371,000

Many New Jersey parents or parents-to-be have heard rumors of hospitals that have accidentally switched newborns at birth. One man in Japan was shocked when he learned that this had happened to him.

According to the report, a hospital staff member accidentally switched the two infants after washing them. The man, who had been born to wealthy parents, was given to a woman who came from a poorer background. Now 60 years old, he had spent his life collecting welfare checks before taking a job as a truck driver. The other child grew up in a private school and attended a university before opening his own private business.

The switch came to light after siblings from the wealthy family became intrigued in 2009 that their brother did not resemble them. A DNA test determined that the siblings were not related to their brother. They then sought out and discovered their true brother after a two-year search in 2011.

The man who grew up in poverty sued the San-Ikukai Hospital in Tokyo for 250 million yen, or approximately $2.5 million, for the mix-up. On Dec. 3, he was awarded approximately $371,000, significantly less than what he was hoping for.

When hospital staff members make mistakes, those who were involved could suffer physical or mental harm. Those who were injured may be eligible to seek compensation by filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Even if the person did not suffer physical harm, patients may suffer severe emotional or mental harm, such as in this case. Patients may be eligible to seek compensation for a multitude of damages, including anxiety, hospital negligence and pain and suffering.