3 injured in New Jersey train collision

After a tractor-trailer collided with a light-rail-line train on April 12 in Camden, three people in the train needed to be hospitalized. The commercial-vehicle accident reportedly occurred when the tractor-trailer allegedly swerved into the train it neared its scheduled stop.

Of the 60 passengers on the train, three were taken to a Camden medical facility for treatment of their injuries. It is uncertain if the driver of the tractor-trailer was injured. However, the tractor-trailer itself sustained serious damage. The train also sustained minor damage and is undergoing repairs. Due to the accident, NJ Transit postponed traffic on the light rail system for about 45 minutes until they were able to reopen with regularly scheduled service. During the interim, they provided bus service to passengers who needed transportation.

An accident can be expensive to the victims, who might miss time off work or worse yet, suffer serious injuries and be hospitalized for an indefinite period of time. While a hospital stay can cost victims significant amounts of money, they might also be billed for surgery, physical therapy, rehabilitation, medical equipment, prescription medication, counseling for trauma and other related expenses. However, the parties that caused the accident may be held financially responsible to pay for the related damages and expenses via a personal injury claim.

Personal injury lawyers may try to help clients recover what they lost financially in the accident. They might file a civil lawsuit and negotiate a settlement with the involved parties. In other situations, they try to argue their case before a judge or jury in order to win a fair and just settlement for their clients.

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