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Municipal Court Cases

Woodbridge Lawyers Helping with Minor Criminal Cases

Have you been ticketed or cited for a minor criminal offense in Woodbridge? Your case will probably go to a local or municipal court. The differences between a municipal court and Superior court are subtle, but important. You should only work with a legal team that can handle your case from start to finish.

At Palmisano & Goodman, P.A., our municipal court attorneys can assist you with all aspects of your case. Our attorneys focus on minor criminal cases that are handled in municipal court, where the court has limited jurisdiction and generally do not involve a jury.

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Types of Municipal Court Cases We Handle

You can come to our law firm for help with these cases and more:

  • Traffic tickets: Did you get a traffic ticket for speeding, unsafe lane changes, using a cellphone while driving, etc.? You don’t have to accept the ticket. You can fight it in municipal court with our help.
  • Infractions: Minor criminal offenses that do not carry jail time as a potential penalty are called infractions, and most are handled in municipal court. Examples of infractions in New Jersey include certain moving violations, simple assault, writing fraudulent checks, and so on.
  • Municipal ordinance: You can be cited for municipal ordinances, like violating sound ordinances specific to your county. Fishing without the proper license is another type of municipal ordinance violation. We can help you with these miscellaneous infractions and citations, too.

It is important to note that many misdemeanors and felonies begin as complaints that are first filed in municipal court. As the case progresses, the charges can escalate, and a Superior Court will take the case. However, if you allow our municipal case attorneys to represent you from the start, then we might be able to get the case against you resolved in municipal court before matters worsen for you.

Consequences of a Lost Municipal Case

Losing a case in municipal court usually will not bring the severe consequences that can happen if you lose a case in Superior Court. However, you should not assume that the consequences are so minor that you can just ignore them. A negative outcome for your municipal case could cause various troubles for you that could have been avoided or mitigated had you fought the case with our help.

If you lose a municipal court case, then you could deal with these consequences:

  • Paying high fines
  • Losing your driving privilege
  • Losing licensures or certifications
  • And more

Find Out More About Municipal Cases Today

Let our traffic ticket attorneys and municipal case lawyers assist you with your case. We help clients throughout Woodbridge and beyond. If you have a legal issue that is bothering you, then you know that you can depend on us to see it to the end and toward the best possible outcome.

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