What if my Child was Bitten by my Neighbor’s Dog?

What if my Child was Bitten by my Neighbor’s Dog?

Many young children love animals, and get very excited when they see a dog walking on the sidewalk. A child who is happy to see a dog may approach the animal to pet it. Even if a dog is familiar with a child, they can become easily spooked, feel threatened, and lash out. When this happens, severe injuries can result.

A bite from any dog can cause infection, and injuries such as broken bones and lacerations. Children are especially vulnerable to developing severe injuries when bitten by a dog.

Dog Bite Liability

In New Jersey and many other states, recovering compensation in relation to a dog bite case does not require proof of negligence. A plaintiff often just needs to demonstrate that the attack occurred unprovoked.

In the case of a child who was attacked by a dog, establishing that the dog was unprovoked is usually not difficult: Although children may approach a dog quickly and scare the animal, they do not intend to frighten the dog or provoke them in any way.

Compensation for a Dog Bite Injury

The parents of a child who was bitten by a dog can recover compensation for medical bills and any other expenses that arise as a result of their child’s injuries. A child who is attacked by a dog may require surgery, medication, long-term rehabilitation, and potentially therapy to manage the emotional impact of the incident. As a parent, you can file a lawsuit on the behalf of their child and receive finances to cover these costs of treatment — Palmisano & Goodman, P.A. can help.

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