Who is responsible when someone suffers a dog bite?

When someone is a victim of a dog bite, there are many factors to be taken into consideration. However, there are certain states, such as the state of New Jersey, where the responsible or liable party is the pet owner. There are vast rules and regulations as defined by the law involving the ownership and care of animals, and when those rules aren't strictly adhered to, negligence resulting in serious dog bite injuries can occur.

When you are a victim of a dog bite, there are many challenges you may face, such as sustaining serious injury from an animal bite, permanent scarring at the site of the bite, and emotional fears and concerns that may result from this type of traumatic event. With all the laws in place today, there is no reason an animal attack should take place. However, there are times when dog attacks occur due to factors beyond our control.

Because you were the victim of someone else's negligence, you have a right to compensation due to your pain and suffering. This negligence often doesn't need to be proven when the owner of the pet is known, and you were bitten without the animal being provoked to attack. Just these two points establish owner's liability. When pet owners are negligent in ensuring their pets are controlled, they must be held responsible when injuries are caused by their dog.

Knowing your rights and enlisting the help of legal professionals will help you receive fair compensation for the suffering that results from an animal attack. An experienced attorney will file a dog bite claim on your behalf because you have enough to deal with already.