The cities with the worst drivers reported in new study

Driving is already dangerous without the added concern for those who aren't driving safely. If someone isn't watching the road, falls asleep, or drives while intoxicated, that person can be putting many lives at risk, even though they know better than to do so. Some parts of the country have more bad drivers than others, so data is collected to find out which areas are the worst.

This data can help local jurisdictions work on ways to reduce accidents, injuries, and fatalities, so the community doesn't have to stay on this list forever. For this year, which are the cities with the worst drivers? If you knew, would you avoid them and a higher risk of being in a collision?

Whether or not you would, these cities have been identified in a new study reported on in the news on Feb. 11. The newest data shows that New York has been found to have some cities ranked on the top 200 worst for drivers; these ratings are based on accident frequency.

New York City landed on the chart at number 151. The chart is ranked from the least to most, with city 200 being the one with the most collisions. Another city that placed on the map was Paterson, New Jersey. It ranked at number 180, while Newark ranked at 168 for dangerous drivers.

The best drivers were identified as being in Florida in Cape Coral, in Boise, Idaho, in Kansas City, Kansas, and in Fort Collins, Colorado. The worst were located in Washington, D.C., Springfield, Massachusetts, Baltimore, Maryland, and Boston, Massachusetts.