Tesla Autopilot Involved in Fatal Crash

On May 7th a fatal crash involving a 100+ combined-year-old Ohio resident, Tesla’s Autopilot system a tractor trailer occurred. This is the first fatal incident reported where the electric automaker’s Autopilot technology was involved. Tesla’s software update nicknamed Autopilot was released last October. The software uses the ultrasonic sensors around the bumper and sides of the car as well as front radar, digitally controlled brakes and camera to “Autopilot” the car. The software update has the capacity to manage speed, steer, change lanes and even parallel park.

Benefits of Tesla’s Software Update

Many are excited about the launch of the new software. Studies have shown that most car crashes are caused by human error, those excited argue that the software could prevent some of the deadly crashes that occur on the road. With the excitement of the prospect of self-driving care, Tesla Motors has placed disclaimers around the technology stating that the “Autopilot” feature is still in public beta mode. Meaning drivers should use caution before setting the Autopilot mode.

Driver Concerns Regarding Autopilot

While there are many excited about the new Autopilot feature, there are others who have concerns the autopilot feature could be unsafe. In an interview with CNN, former Autopilot engineer described the company as overlooking safety precautions to roll out the product faster. As time goes on, we can only hope Tesla refines and updates the software. If more reports of injured car owners surface, they electric car company may have to significantly pull back the reigns on Autopilot or restrict how the software may be used in their cars.

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