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New Jersey woman sues Home Depot store after slip and fall


A New Jersey woman has filed a personal injury suit after a 2012 accident outside of a Home Depot. The woman says she suffered serious slip-and-fall injuries as a result of the incident. She is seeking more than $150,000 in compensation for her injuries, medical bills and other damages.

The incident occurred on Sept. 8, 2012, outside of a Home Depot store in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania. The woman, a resident of Swedesboro, slipped on a puddle of water near the entrance to the store while trying to avoid getting wet from the rain. The fall caused a fractured sacrum, herniated disc, a cracked pelvis and overall neck and back pain. She says that she had to miss work and pay for intensive treatment including physical therapy after her injury.

The suit states that standing water accumulated in the store's parking lot and around the entrance because of weather conditions that day. It also alleges that employees and management were aware of the heavy rain, but no attempts were made to correct the problem of water pooling at the entrance.

The lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Home Depot says that the property manager and employees allowed the wet floors at the entrance of the store to continue to pose a high risk of injury to customers coming in from the rain. Property managers have a responsibility to ensure that customers and employees are safe from hazards that may endanger their health. People injured in slip-and-fall accidents sometimes contact personal injury attorneys for advice on filing suit against the owners of commercial properties where they were injured.