Neglected stretch of road causes accidents

According to one motorist, a New York road put her in the hospital because of potholes and rough conditions in a stretch of the parkway that also runs through New Jersey. The woman wrecked her car after she struck a pothole, flew across the median and hit a tree. She was thrown to the side of the road, crashed through the guard rail and into oncoming traffic, although she managed to avoid getting hit. Still, she was banged up after the accident and transported to an Englewood hospital for bumps and scrapes. She said that the rough road conditions felt like she was traveling in a third-world country.

Medical professionals said they had seen other victims come in after they drove over potholes. One physician said she saw people who tried to miss a pothole but ended up in an accident instead. Common accidents include sprains to the back or neck, but she has also witnessed head trauma.

The road on the New Jersey side hasn't been paved in 18 years, but the New York side was repaired nine years ago. Because it isn't clear who should pay for the upkeep, the New Jersey stretch is in much worse shape than the New York side. Another driver confirmed the bumpy drive in New Jersey but said that the road became smooth as soon as it transitioned into New York. A third man also compared the New Jersey section of the road to a third-world country and said he had two tires blow out in less than a month.

Upkeep of roads is the responsibility of the appropriate government agency. A personal injury attorney might be able to help a client file a premises liability lawsuit when the road conditions result in an accident.

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