Family of injured Russian boxer to file lawsuit

Those who follow boxing in New Jersey may be interested to know that while Russian heavyweight boxer Magomed Abdusalamov remains in rehabilitation following a Nov. 2 fight at Madison Square Garden, his family has reported they will file a $100 million lawsuit against New York State and its athletic commission. The family believes the commission's doctors were guilty of negligence and medical malpractice as a result of the mishandling of Abdusalamov's physical injuries suffered during the fight.

The injuries suffered by Abdusalamov included facial lacerations, a broken jaw and nose, and a broken hand. While being examined by commission doctors, he also complained of head pain. He was eventually cleared to leave by the doctors who suggested he visit an outside doctor for a more thorough examination. Within hours of being cleared, he began hemorrhaging from a brain clot that required emergency surgery and left him in a coma.

Abdusalamov was taken by taxi to a local hospital on the advice of the state athletic commission inspector who was assigned to oversee the fight. The inspector noticed blood in the urine sample and recommended immediate action on the part of Abdusalamov's handlers. A national sports channel reported there were two ambulances located at the site, but neither one was requested for Abdusalamov. New York's Secretary of State has requested an investigation related to the fight and the post-fights events that might have led to the boxer's condition.

The state athletic commission inspector has already claimed that proper procedures were followed based on what the doctors could see. The attorney hired by the family might seek to prove that normal and reasonable precautions were not followed in this case. That could help their claims of negligence due to the fact the doctors did not diagnose the blood clot in a timely manner.

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