“Real Housewives of New Jersey” faces lawsuit

“Johnny the Greek,” a cast member of the reality TV series “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” has filed a lawsuit against other cast members of the show and alleges that they attacked him. He named three individuals in the lawsuit along with the companies of NBC Universal, Bravo Media and Sirens Media. In addition, he named Moxie Salon, the location of the incident, in the premises liability lawsuit. The plaintiff claims that the show's producers wanted the cast to create drama and conflict in order to increase television ratings.

Bravo did not air the footage of the incident on Sept. 29 but showed the outcome of the brawl. The plaintiff claims that the hair salon wanted the publicity that filming the episode would generate for their business. The plaintiff went to the salon with his wife after he was invited to do so. When they arrived, other cast members began arguing with him. A short time later, he was attacked by the defendants. He accused two of them of punching him and said a third person hit him in the head with a shoe.

He further added that he was restrained by someone so that he couldn't fight back during the attacks. He claimed that the studios and media company didn't call the authorities after the incident but instead recorded it for production. Initially, the trio filed criminal charges against the plaintiff, but those were later dropped. The plaintiff claimed they did so in order to get back at him for the civil lawsuit. He further alleges that he and his wife suffered numerous physical injuries, including bone fractures, in addition to emotional trauma after the alleged attack.

When someone is hurt on the premises of property due to negligence of the property owner, the victims might want to file a lawsuit. A personal injury attorney might be able to help clients take legal action.

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