Four injured in Annsville snow plow accident

A recent collision involving a snow plow truck and a car in Annsville resulted in injuries to four residents. The truck accident took place on the evening on Feb. 20 on Route 69 when the snow plow truck, driven by an employee of Oneida County, was struck by a car driven by a 61-year-old woman. The car was south on the road near Taberg when it struck the snow plow truck head-on.

As a result of this collision, four individuals in the car were sent to a local hospital for medical treatment. One 14-year-old male passenger experienced massive internal trauma that sources say were life-threatening, and he is in serious but stable condition. Others involved in the accident experienced various other injuries, including facial lacerations and broken bones. The snow plow truck driver was not injured, and police state that the accident may have been caused by weather conditions at the time.

The victims in this car accident may experience considerable pain and suffering from the injuries sustained in this traumatic event. While the police state that weather may have played a part in the accident, other factors may have also contributed to the accident, such as negligence, fatigue or even faulty equipment such as malfunctioning brakes. The victims and their families may consider filing a personal injury lawsuit to pursue punitive damages for related medical expenses.

Those who have been involved in a serious car accident such as this one may be able to seek financial restitution for the expenses they have incurred. By speaking with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer, they may learn more about their legal rights.