Judge ruled New Jersey racetrack could be sued for wrongful death

New Jersey fans of car racing may be interested to learn that a federal judge ruled that the racetrack at which a driver died could be sued for negligence. According to the report, the racetrack is being sued for premises liability by a woman whose husband died after his car's engine burst into flames. He slammed into a set of concrete barriers before finally coming to a stop.

The entire car became engulfed in flames. Unfortunately, the racetrack's ambulance would not immediately start. By the time the ambulance reached the damaged car, the driver had sustained severe burns. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he remained until his death 10 months later.

His widow filed the federal complaint claiming negligence and wrongful death on behalf of the racetrack, claiming that the signature on her husband's release and waiver of liability was not in fact his. The judge would not dismiss the claim, stating that the racetrack's documentation was missing crucial paperwork and inspection forms, including the driver's license and even vehicle information. In addition, the engine inspection list was not filled out. In addition, the failure of the ambulance to report to the accident in a timely manner was also listed against them.

Because the racetrack could not back up that they did everything that they could to prevent the death, the judge did not dismiss the case. Due to the racetrack's negligence, the widow may be able to obtain compensation for her loss to help cover the extensive hospital bills and funeral services. An experienced New Jersey attorney may be able to help their client with any litigation by explaining their legal options and working with them through the process.

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