Top 7 Accidents on Construction Sites

Top 7 Accidents on Construction Sites

Construction sites are riddled with heavy machinery, works in progress, open holes, and numerous other hazards, which is why it comes as no surprise that they play host to many different types of accidents – many of which pose the potential for catastrophic injuries or even death. Because construction sites poses risks to the workers who perform their trade or passerby, government agencies such as OSHA pay close attention to construction accidents, statistics, and safety measures that can prevent them.

As a law firm that represents injured victims and hardworking folks across Woodbridge and the state of New Jersey in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases, our legal team at Palmisano & Goodman, P.A. is well aware of the many hazards that exist on construction sites. We also have the insight and experience to help injured workers, as well as other victims, protect their right to needed medical treatment and compensation by guiding them through their legal journeys.

Backed by over four decades of collective experience, our team is prepared to handle personal injury and workers’ comp cases arising from all types of construction accidents, including some of the most common:

  1. Falls – Because construction workers commonly perform their jobs from heights, or use equipment like ladders and scaffolding, falls lead the way when it comes to construction accidents. They are also the most fatal, accounting for roughly 40% of all construction worker deaths.
  2. Slip, Trip & Fall – Though they may not always involve falls from heights, slip, trip, and fall accidents on an even level – often caused by protruding hazards or debris – account for numerous injuries.
  3. Electrocution – Electric shock and electrocution (which is fatal) are also common on construction sites. Not only do open wiring, electrical equipment, and other electrical hazards account from some of the most common OSHA citations, they are also the second-leading cause of construction worker death (8%).
  4. Struck by object – Accidents involving workers or even passerby who are struck by objects accounts for thousands of injuries in the construction industry each year. These commonly involve injuries caused by objects, tools, or debris that fall from heights, or machinery that strikes a victim.
  5. Vehicle injuries – Many construction sites employ the use of motor vehicles, including trucks and heavy industrial machines, forklifts, and more. Due to the busy nature of sites, these vehicles are commonly involved in accidents. Depending on who was operating a motor vehicle, such as in the case of a negligent contractor, injured workers may have the ability to pursue personal injury claims rather than workers’ comp cases.
  6. Machinery accidents – These types of accidents can encompass various types of incidents, including being caught in between a piece of machinery or equipment (one of OSHA’s Fatal Four construction accidents), being struck by moving equipment, and being harmed by unsafe equipment that was defective or may not have been properly maintained.
  7. Fires – Fires are a common and concerning risk on construction sites, especially with the presence of combustible materials, leaking gases, and electrical systems. Explosions and fires have a devastating potential to cause serious burn injuries or death.

If you or someone you love has been injured on a construction site – either as a worker or a nearby individual – Palmisano & Goodman, P.A. is prepared to help you understand your rights and how we may guide you through the personal injury or workers’ compensation process. For a free consultation, call (732) 709-4400.