What are my options if a dog bites me?

There's no doubt that dogs are cute, lovable companions, but dogs can also act viciously at times. Some dogs might act out of a protective instinct for their owners. Others have had traumatic experiences and now see humans as enemies. Dog owners know their animals better than anyone, so it is up to them to keep them under control when they're out in public and even in their home.

When a person is bitten by someone else's dog, they can hire an attorney to assist them with filing a claim and requesting damages or settle things privately dog owner without the involvement of attorneys or courts. Or they can choose to do nothing. It may be easy for people to walk away because a bite was so small, but for those who have been seriously injured by a dog, filing a claim may be the better option.

Dog owners are expected to keep their dogs under control, especially if they know their dog is prone to biting people. If they don't, they will be the one held responsible. Since many states have dog-bite laws that state that the pet owner is liable for their dog's actions, the owner is the one who will face the consequences.

Any dog, big or small, is capable of harming a person. If you have been bitten by a dog, do not hesitate to take action and file a claim against the dog's owner. Not only will this help you recover damages, it could also help the dog owner gain better control of their dog and prevent others from being attacked.