Celebrity acknowledges the long-term effects of a brain injury

Although any motor vehicle crash may result in serious injuries, the potential for traumatic injuries may be even greater when a speeding truck or other large vehicle is involved. Indeed, the force generated by larger vehicles can produce injuries that may have long-term consequences, such as a spinal cord or traumatic brain injury.

In a celebrity example, federal investigators recently concluded their investigation of the truck accident that left Tracy Morgan with a serious brain injury. Citing driver fatigue, the investigators concluded that the driver had a delayed response time, apparently not realizing that he was speeding around 20 miles per hour over the limit while approaching a construction zone where traffic was backed up.

The truck driver rear-ended the limousine van that was carrying actor Tracy Morgan and six other passengers on the New Jersey Turnpike last summer. One passenger was killed, and Morgan has confirmed that his brain injury is still impeding his ability to remember, as well as producing symptoms including headaches and nosebleeds. Consequently, the actor has stated that he is not yet ready to return to his acting profession.

Our personal injury law firm understands that a TBI in an accident may translate into long-term symptoms, possibility even disability. Ongoing symptoms, in turn, may necessitate additional treatment needs, such as rehabilitative therapies. It is imperative for a crash victim to properly estimate the amount of damages that he or she might need as the result of a TBI. An attorney can help in that calculation, providing skilled advocacy in both the liability and damages portion of a civil lawsuit alleging negligence against the defendant.