Factors causing truck accidents in New Jersey

New Jersey residents may be interested to learn about the various factors that could lead to a crash with a commercial truck. For example, due to the demanding schedules truck drivers have, they may sometimes be pressured to deliver the load they are hauling. By doing so, a truck driver could travel at unsafe speeds in order to hurry. Moreover, in some cases, a trucker could be pressured to drive for a longer period of time without rest to make their delivery on time. In that event, the trucker could become extremely fatigued, thus reducing his or her level of alertness to any sudden traffic changes.

In other cases, a truck accident could also be caused due to an improper maintenance of the semitrailer. If a big rig was not properly checked before the trucker is set to make a long journey, it could lead to a serious mechanical malfunction such as a brake failure. Depending on the circumstances in that situation, liability may fall on the trucking company. Additionally, in the push to get newly hired drivers onto the road, companies may also not invest the time in proper training on technique, safety and defensive driving.

Motorists could adopt certain behaviors in order to avoid being involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle. For instance, a driver could avoid traveling next to a semi's blind spots or between trucks. A driver could also refrain from making sudden lane changes in front of a big rig as well since the trucker may be unable to take evasive maneuvers.

Individuals who become involved in a trucking accident may suffer serious injuries that could lead to permanent disabilities. If a victim wishes to pursue a personal injury claim for compensation, a lawyer could provide assistance by reviewing crash reports to determine if negligence contributed to the wreck and if more than one party should be held liable.