How we can help after a traumatic brain injury

Whether a car accident victim of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) suffers with short-term or long-term effects from the injury, he or she may suffer disabling injuries requiring constant medical attention. In some cases, these victims face multiple surgeries and continual therapy. For this reason, our attorney firm works hard in defending our clients who have suffered with the effects of traumatic brain injuries.

As a reputed and established law firm, the attorneys at Palmisano & Goodman in Woodbridge, New Jersey, have earned the trust of many clients through years of experience and successful personal injury cases. We are aware that immediate attention to a brain injury can make all the difference in the world. While a victim of a head injury experiences immediate effects such as internal bleeding and brain swelling, he or she may also begin to experience long-term effects involving difficulty in concentrating, changes in personality and memory loss. If the head injury victim undergoes rehabilitation immediately following the accident, the chances for recovery increase.

Our lawyers understand that there are different categories of traumatic brain injuries a victim experiences, and dictates the type of cases we handle. These cases usually involve more serious brain injuries, involving hematomas, bleeding on the inside of the brain, bleeding on the outside of the brain, skull fractures and swelling of the brain. We also handle brain injury cases resulting from various doctor or medical errors.

Because a traumatic brain injury is a long-term injury in many cases, the cost of medical treatment can be quite extensive, involving hospitalization and long-term medical care. In the event a person suffered injury because of the negligence of another person, we welcome them to view our page on traumatic brain injuries for more information.