Family awarded $13.2 million in New Jersey nursing home suit

The family of a deceased New Jersey woman was awarded $13.2 million for the treatment the woman received while staying in a local nursing home. The 87-year-old woman was admitted to Harbor View Healthcare Center in Jersey City in 2010 while recovering from a dislocated shoulder. During this time, she reportedly lost 20 pounds and suffered numerous injuries and unnecessary treatments. A jury agreed with the woman's family that the hospital had acted with medical negligence in their treatment of the woman.

The family's attorneys said that the woman spent nearly 100 days at Harbor View. They allege that the staff performed unnecessary tests on the woman during this time, such as a colostomy that required her bowels to be inserted back into her abdomen by hand. They also say she was only infrequently turned, which resulted in a very large bedsore.

A juror in the case said that the woman had suffered and the trial had been draining. The hospital, on the other hand, released a statement saying that the jury's verdict was false and a miscarriage of justice. It also stated that the hospital intended to vigorously appeal the decision.

It is often difficult for a family to put a loved one into a nursing home, as the family can never be completely sure how their loved one will be treated. While many nursing homes are very competent and treat their residents with respect and the highest levels of care, others may make serious mistakes or act with negligence. Families who believe their loved one has been mistreated may be able to pursue a personal injury suit in court to seek compensation for the company's negligence and the family's subsequent pain and suffering.