Girl attacked by pit bull

A pit bull attacked a young girl, who is reportedly 4 years old or 6 years old, on March 10 while the event was captured on a surveillance video. Bystanders intervened and came to the girl's aid as they pulled the animal off the sobbing girl. Their quick action at the scene may have saved the child from serious dog bite injuries.

The girl was walking with her grandmother when the attack happened. She was treated at a medical facility for minor bites. One witness indicated the dog first tried to attack the child's face in what appeared to be a random attack. The pit bull's owner has been cited for not following leash laws, but the dog is with the owner.

The website indicates that 251 people died from dog bites between 2005 and 2012. Of those deaths, 151 were attributed to pit bulls. More than one fourth of all attacks in New York are attributed to pit bulls. The city prohibits some types of dogs commonly viewed as dangerous, including pit bulls, from public housing. One councilman said that the dogs do not belong in small spaces.

The owner of the pit bull was cited with not following leash laws after his dog attacked a young girl without apparent provocation. A personal injury attorney may be able to help the family file a civil lawsuit for compensation from the dog's owner. The girl suffered injuries, and the family may have additional expenses related to the attack. In addition, she might need mental health counseling in order to overcome the trauma of this violent incident. People in New Jersey who have been attacked by dogs may find it helpful to consult our personal injury attorneys who may explain their rights and options and recommend courses of action.

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