Truck drivers injured in recent accident

When truck drivers are inattentive, following too close or speeding, serious accidents are more likely to occur. When a trucking accident does occur in New Jersey and beyond, people can be left with devastating injuries.

Three trucks were involved in a recent accident in another state. A dump truck driver reportedly tried to slow down when he saw a pedestrian on the shoulder. However, as he braked, his truck overturned. A second dump truck was not able to stop in time and slammed into the first truck before also overturning. A semi-trailer then collided with the second dump truck.

All three truck drivers were taken to the hospital. It is not clear how serious their injuries are. Fortunately, the pedestrian was unharmed in the accident.

In addition to potentially serious injuries, the three-truck crash caused quite a mess. The dump trucks were carrying gravel, which ended up all over the roadway after the accident. It took officials seven hours to cleanup. The southbound lanes of the highway were closed during that time.

Everyone needs to be cautious when they get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. However, because of a truck's weight and size, truck drivers must be even more vigilant.

People who are involved in a truck accident may suffer serious injuries that require hospitalization, surgery and lengthy rehabilitation. Their injuries may prevent them from working.

Fortunately, truck accident victims may not be responsible for their medical expenses. In fact, they may even obtain compensation to make up for lost wages. Accident victims would be wise to consult with an experienced Woodbridge personal injury attorney to determine what legal action can be taken against a negligent truck driver or trucking company.

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