Dog bite leaves child seriously injured

New Jersey dog owners may think that their pets are gentle creatures. However, even some of the friendliest dogs can become aggressive. That appears to be true in one recent dog bite case.

A 10-year-old boy in another state had his nose bitten off by a dog. The child was reportedly playing at a friend's house. The child's nose had to be recovered from the dog's stomach. The injuries to the child were serious and he was hospitalized.

The owner of the dog says the animal has never acted aggressively. The owner has had the dog since it was a puppy.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, close to 5 million people suffer dog bites each year in the United States. Close to 400,000 people require medical treatment. Sadly, more than a dozen people die each year as a result of a dog bite.

The CDC says that children are particularly susceptible to dog bites. In order to prevent dog bite injuries, children should not approach a dog they are not familiar with. They should also avoid disturbing a dog that is sleeping or eating.

Dog owners must also do their part to prevent bites and subsequent injuries. Owners shouldn't play aggressive games with their pets. They should also try to socialize their dog and train them properly.

Dog bites can leave children with physical and emotional scars. Negligent dog owners can be held responsible for their pet's behavior. Dog bite victims would be wise to consult with an experienced premises liability attorney in Woodbridge to determine what legal options they may be able to pursue.

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