Cat bites frequently lead to infection

Cat bites frequently lead to infection

Last week, we wrote about a serious dog bite case in which a little boy lost his nose. While dog bites can cause devastating injuries, other kinds of animal attacks can cause serious injuries as well.

One woman landed in the hospital for four days after she was bit by a cat. Most New Jersey residents wouldn't expect a cat bite to be serious because cats are so small. However, their sharp teeth can leave people with puncture wounds. Those puncture wounds may become infected. Shockingly, half of all people who suffer a cat bite end up with an infection. That's because most cats are carriers of Pasteurella multocida, a potentially dangerous bacteria.

The woman in this recent news story waited three days before seeking medical attention after she was bit by a cat. By the time she got to the hospital, doctors thought she may have needed surgery. Luckily, heavy antibiotics cleared the infection and she did not require surgery. However, her hospital stay ended up costing more than $15,000.

The woman in this situation noted that she is healthy. However, a cat bite could become quite serious if someone suffers from other health complications or if their bite remains untreated.

While people should use caution whenever they are around animals, people who own pets of any kind must be sure that they are taking precautions to keep others safe. When an animal harms someone, a negligent pet owner can be held responsible. As evidenced by this recent new story, medical treatments can be expensive. Innocent animal bite victims should not be burdened by excessively high medical expenses.

Source: York Daily Record, "Why cat bites can be more dangerous than you think," Marie Joyce, Jan. 23, 2013

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