Vehicles damaged by plow truck

Drivers in New Jersey may be interested to know that according to Bronx residents, a number of vehicles parked along Castle Hill Avenue were discovered to be dented and visibly scratched one morning following a nighttime snow storm. Although the owners originally thought that vandals were responsible, they now believe that an overnight truck accident caused the damage.

A surveillance video captured by a convenience store in the area led the residents to believe that a city plow truck hit multiple cars. One resident whose car was damaged does not feel that the damage warrants the driver's termination, but the resident did say that he hopes the city provides compensation. Some have filed accident reports with the police. The Department of Sanitation has also released a statement claiming that it is currently investigating the surveillance footage and that any owners whose vehicles were damaged ought to seek compensation through the city comptroller.

Even though the Department of Sanitation reviewed the video and provided a procedure for the vehicle owners to seek compensation, that does not guarantee that they will receive it. Because this was a commercial trucking accident, responsibility for paying may not come directly from the entity whose vehicles caused the damage, which might lead to delays in disbursement.

Trucking accidents may lead to serious injuries, especially in bad-weather conditions. Others result in extensive property damage as this crash demonstrates. Because it can be difficult to establish liability with disputable evidence such as surveillance footage or when complex government entities are involved, many people who suffer as a result of such accidents consult personal injury attorneys who may help in seeking damages.