Researchers find link between brain injuries, pesticides and Parkinson's

Researchers find link between brain injuries, pesticides and Parkinson's

Residents of New Jersey know how devastating a brain injury can be. People who suffer a traumatic brain injury may experience memory loss and personality change. They may even have difficulty concentrating. Sadly, a brain injury may leave people with permanent brain damage.

New research is showing that brain injury sufferers may even be more susceptible to developing other debilitating diseases. Researchers at UCLA believe they have found a link between brain injuries, pesticide exposure and Parkinson's disease.

After surveying more than 1,000 people over the age of 35, researchers found that brain injury sufferers who were exposed to a toxic pesticide called paraquat may be at a higher risk of developing Parkinson's. It appears that brain cells that are damaged as a result of head trauma may be more susceptible to the damaging effects of pesticides, according to the study's lead author.

It remains unclear what exactly causes Parkinson's. However, this study suggests that the disease may be caused by a combination of environmental and genetic factors.

This study also proves how damaging a brain injury can be. Unfortunately, many brain injuries result from another person's negligent actions. However, victims should not feel helpless. If a victim's injury was caused by another person's negligence, he or she may wish to pursue compensation. The money that is awarded can be used to cover medical expenses, rehabilitation services and other forms of long-term care.

Dealing with the aftermath of a brain injury can be overwhelming. That is why it is often beneficial to consult with an experienced Woodbridge personal injury attorney. An attorney will work to get victims the compensation they deserve.