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If you need advice about your right to compensation for dog bite injuries or car accidents caused by unrestrained pets darting into traffic, contact a seasoned personal injury attorney at Palmisano & Goodman for a free consultation.

Our law firm has provided effective client service for New Jersey accident victims since 1974, and our record of settlements and jury verdicts speaks for itself. We've achieved six-figure recoveries for our clients in dozens of cases, and we have more than $30 million settlements to our credit. Our ability to evaluate claims and document damages can help you collect the compensation you need in a dog bite case.

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In New Jersey, you don't usually need to prove negligence in a dog bite case. If you can prove that the defendant owned the animal and you were bitten without provocation, you've essentially established liability against the owner. The main issues in dog bite litigation usually involve questions of ownership, provocation, warnings or trespass.

The question of damages is usually an important issue as well. At Palmisano & Goodman, we make sure that we understand the full range of your injuries and losses so that we can present your damages claim in fully documented detail.

Not all injury claims involving animals relate to bites or attacks. If a household pet causes a traffic accident, the owner can be held accountable for the resulting injuries if the owner is negligent in controlling the pet.

Case Result: Our lawyers won a jury award of $1,370,000 against the owner of an unrestrained dog that ran into the street and caused a fatal car accident.

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